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Insurance. A cornerstone of your financial security. And the peace of mind that agroecommerce delivers.  A solid future. It's more than a dream. It's an action plan. Requiring the right tools. The right support. The right hands
How To get Insurance
The following steps to carry out in general to take a policy :-
 1Contact our KPK nearest to your place of convenience.
 2Collect relevant Pre printed Proposal Form.
 3Read and Fill in the Form correctly.
 4Submit the Proposal Form to our KPK.
 5Some risks may call for pre-acceptance survey. In such cases surveyor will be appointed by any agency to estimate the quantum of risk involved and other related matters.
 6Premium estimates will be given to the Proposer through our Computerised Offices.
 7Premium to be paid in full by the proposer.
 8Policy will be issued to our customer either directly on request or through registered post.