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1. Cattle / Livestock Insurance
Policy indemnifies against loss sustained due to loss of life of cattle / livestock.
2. Sheep and Goat Insurance
Policy indemnifies against loss sustained due to loss of life of Sheep or Goat.
3. Elephant Insurance
Policy provides indemnity to insured for the loss sustained by him due to death of his elephant used for commercial/religious purpose. Policy does not provide cover to circus elephants.
4. Dog Insurance
Policy covers death of pet dogs of Cross-bred and exotic breeds between the age group of 2 months to 8 years.
5. Brackish Water Prawn Insurance
Policy covers Total loss of prawns, Nursed seeds in hatcheries owned by state Government, FFDAS, State Fisheries Corporation, MPEDA or such other organisations.
6. Silkworm ( Sericulture) Insurance
Policy covers total or partial loss due to death of silk worms of different variety due to disease or accident.
7. Janata Personal Accident Insurance
Policy Covers individuals in the age group of 10-70 years against death or total / partial disablement.
8. Horticulture/Plantation Insurance
Policy covers Loss or Damage to the Insured tree / plant due to fire / lightning / storm / hailstorm / cyclone / tempest.
9. Kisan Agriculture Pumpset Insurance
Policy covers centrifugal pump sets (Electrical and Diesel oil) submersible pump sets up to 25 HP used for agricultural purposes against Electrical/Mechanical Breakdown, Fire /Lighting, Theft and Burglary, Riot/Strike/Malicious damage etc.