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Where To Do Warehousing... ?

Central Warehousing Corporation :

A premier Warehousing Agency in India, established during 1957 providing price support to the agricultural sector, is one of the biggest public warehouse operators in the country offering logistic services to a diverse group of clients. CWC is operating 475 Warehouses across the country with a storage capacity of 8.9 million tonnes providing warehouing services for a wide range of products ranging from agricultural produce to sophisticated industrial products. Warehousing activities of CWC include foodgrain warehouses, custom bonded warehouses, container freight stations, inland clearance depots and aircargo complexes. Apart from storage and handling, CWC also offers services in the area of clearing & forwarding, handling & transporation, procurement & distribution, disinfestation services, fumigation services and other ancillary activities. CWC also offers consultancy services/ training for the construction of warehousing infrastructure to different agencies.

State Warehousing Corporation :

Separate warehousing corporations were also set up in different States of the Indian Union. The area of operation of the State Warehousing Corporations are centers of district importance. The total share capital of the State Warehousing Corporations is contributed equally by the concerned State Governments and the Central Warehousing Corporation. The warehouses (CWC and SWCs) work under the respective Warehousing Acts passed by the Central and State Governments.

Food Corporation of India :

The Food Corporation of India was setup under the Food Corporations Act 1964, in order to fulfil following objectives of the Food policy : Effective price support operations for safeguarding the interests of the farmers.

  • Distribution of foodgrains throughout the country for Public Distribution System; and
  • Maintaining satisfactory level of operational and buffer stocks of foodgrains to ensure National Food Security. Since its inception in 1965, having handled various situations of plenty and scarcity, FCI has successfully met the challenge of managing the complex task of providing food security for the nation. A strong food security system which has helped to sustain the high growth rate and maintain regular supply of wheat and rice right through the year. The efficiency with which FCI tackled one of the worst droughts of the century not only cemented its role as the premier organization in charge of food security in India, but also brought it accolades from international organizations. Today it can take credit for having contributed a great deal in transforming India from a chronically food deficit country to one that is self-sufficient.

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