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In summer season from the mid of May and in rainy season from the mid of September the plants are in the flowering stage.




Generally after one month seedling can be taken out from the nurseries and placed in the rows. African Marie Gold placed at the distance of 40 X 40 cm and French Marie Gold at the distance of 30 X 30 cm.

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  Preparation of Field


For successful cultivation of Marie Gold sandy loam is the best soil. The soil having good water drainage system as well as air transmission and a pH range between 7-7.5. Before placing the seedlings dig the land to 30 cm deep

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The flowers of Marie Gold are very resistant to climate. They can be cultivated easily in parts of peninsula and non-peninsula region all year round.
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To prepare nursery dig the soil properly to 30 cm deep and mix the rotten manure or the rotten leaves manure to make the soil drier. After that 15 cm high and 5-6 m long rows are made. For one hectare area 700-800 grams seeds are sufficient. Seeds are sown at the distance of 6-8 cm from one another and at 2 cm deep. Then seeds are covered with a thin layer of well filtered manure. Irrigate the nursery daily.

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Selection of varieties depends mainly on the following factors:
  • Manure and Fertilizers
  • Disease
  • Production
  • Cost
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