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Grapes have special importance among tropical fruits. In last three decades its farming increased in Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan and Delhi due to which production, productivity and area of Grapes rapidly increased.



The root of Grapes are strongly structured. Therefore, it grows successfully on sand with small stones, sandy to clay and loamy soil, but sandy soil with good drainage is best for the cultivation of Grapes.

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Before sowing, the soil must be checked, farm should be perfectly ready. Distance between creepers depends upon variety and the method of adjustment. Keeping these things in mind, dig the holes of 90 X 90 cm and fill them with the mixture of 1/2 part soil, 1/2 part decomposed fertilizer, 30 gm Aldrin, 1 kg Super Phosphate and 500 gm Potassium phosphate.
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  Improvement in Fruit Quality

Good variety bunches of Grapes for eating should be from medium to big sized, seedless grains. This quality generally depends on the varieties but by the following methods the quality of Grapes can be improved.
Crop Collection
Ring Method
Use of Growth Controllers
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Grapes do not ripe after plucking. Therefore it should be plucked only when it is ripe enough to consume or is to be sold in market. Increase in sugar level and decrease in acidity are the symptoms of maturity of the fruit.

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Selection of varieties depends mainly on the following factors:
  • Method Of Sowing
  • Pest and Disease
  • Irrigration Facilities
  • Climatic Conditions
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