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Papaya is very nutritious and fast growing fruit. It is used both in riped and unriped stages.



For Papaya light soil or loamy soil with good drainage is the best. Therefore black and fertile land should be chosen for its production. The pH of the soil must be between 6.5-7.5.

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For sowing 20 X 15 cm size bags of 200 guafe are required on which holes are made at the bottom and on the sides by nail, then filled by leaf fertilizer, sand, decomposed fertilizer and soil mixture at the rate of 1:1:1:1. Two or three seeds are sowed into each packet.

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Papaya seeds need good fertile land, because the trees start producing fruits early. For good yield 200 gm nitrogen, 250 gm phosphorus and 500 gm potash per plant is required. Apart from this 20-25 kg decomposed fertilizer, 1 kg bone meal and 1 kg " Neem ki khali " per plant are also required. These should be given equally three times in March-April, July-August and October.
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In warm climate regions, there is no vast difference in the temperature of summer and winter, thus papaya grows throughout the year. In north India, if transplantation is done till April-July the plants grow up till next spring season and fruits which grow in March-April or later start ripening in December-January.

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Selection of varieties depends mainly on the following factors:
  • Method Of Sowing
  • Pest and Disease
  • Irrigration Facilities
  • Climatic Conditions
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