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Intrinsically woven into India's tradition & culture, philanthropy has perpetuated itself down the ages. Born in a traditional Marwari family, Kamal Morarka, India's leading industrialist and philanthropist registered M.R.Morarka-GDC Rural Research Foundation in 1991 in memory of his father Late M.R.Morarka funded by M/s.Gannon Dunkerley & Company Ltd.

The farsightedness, clarity of vision and thought and sound technical knowledge of the founders gave The Foundation humble but firm beginning in 1994. With the rural support programme The Foundation has grown over the years.

Unlike other voluntary organizations Morarka Foundation is into more than just the conventional areas of voluntary actions. We more often than not take the lead to venture into new areas such as Organic Farming and Certifications, Agriculture Extension, Tourism Promotion, Waste Management, Vermi Compost, Conservation of Heritage etc.Click here of more...
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