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Agroecommerce Network Pvt Ltd. (ANPL) is established to promote "Total Quality Agriculture" in the farming sector and to convert farmer as an industrialist, a right with which he has been denied with due to traditional thinking in the sector. Also it has been established with the other objective of meeting the requirements of distribution of agricultural products by providing right realization to the producers/sellers of agroproducts and making the same available to consumers/buyers at the right price. To achieve this, ANPL creates the physical network of farmers through setting up of Krishi Pragati Kendra's at 5 village level and also backward, forward and services integration with the Kendra's.

The necessity of rural development has been a concern at both governmental and nongovernmental levels in the country and while there is a sense of accomplishment in some segments/sectors, the situation is far from the desired state. Rural segment is somehow made to feel that their own development is somebody else’s responsibility and not their own, by which they always look forward towards government or NGO’s or God (if nobody else) for upliftment of their social and economic status. It is to be understood that rural segment is still not sick that it cannot stand on its own feet but it is currently a sleeping horse, which needs to be told what strength he possesses and utilization of the same will make him reach where he wants. Accordingly, ANPL puts emphasis on their own empowerment for the overall rural development. Idea is not to do charity but to provide professional services with socioeconomic objectives in mind. Just as teachings are not free, similarly enabling somebody for self-development is not free. Rather the objective is to enable them in such a way that part of their increased earnings can be deployed into development also.
Thus, Krishi Pragati Kendra (KPK) is the facilitation centre for such possibilities of increased earnings for rural segments.
Total Quality Agriculture(TQA) is a concept taken from Total Quality Management(TQM) which has transformed the industrial environment of the world into higher productivity, reduced cost and quality products to arrive at customer satisfaction. Also it emphasise that all the stakeholders, either internal or external are customers and suppliers and unless the Quality Improvements are not applied in all the facets of activities, we may not be able to produce Quality products. Further, "Continous Improvement" has to be inculcated to all the stakeholders with revision of own benchmarks of quality.
Information Technology has played an important role in organizing the functioning of structured businesses in the corporate world. Unfortunately the commercial activities in the agriculture sector remain traditional and so are the mindsets of the people involved in it.
There is an opportunity for us to provide seamless e-solutions for agroproducts market place, but more than that it is an opportunity for the networks, which has worked traditionally. Further, the competitive pressure arising out of present day economic scenario needs to be addressed in a framework where unless the approach is not business like, the survival itself is a question for anybody. Equally, if the opportunity is correctly understood sky is the limit. If we take a closer look at the agroproducts marketplace we come across a plethora of activities that incur substantial costs to the various players involved without any addition of tangible values. Wastages, pilferage, repeated handling and storage, infrastructure bottlenecks etc. contribute to this morass. We at agroecommerce.com plan to bring about a systems approach by providing e-commerce solutions on-line so as to integrate these activities in between the buyers and sellers of agroproducts.
Agroecommerce.com has been evolved with a vision to provide physical and e-solutions for commercial activities in the agroproducts marketplace and making the transactions efficient so that the benefits of reduced cost can be shared among those involved. Agroecommerce.com has started with a mission to integrate the farmer both vertically and horizontally in such a way that all the products and services are not limited by physical boundaries. Agroecommerce.com has set a goal to first demonstrate the concept and solutions in a few districts for specific agroproducts.

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