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Transfer of KPK Ownership

Objective : Procedure for the Transfer of KPK ownership

Scope : 1. The existing KPK owner can transfer the ownership status in an individual name.

  2. Change in KPK ownership would not call for a change in the existing territory of the KPK.

  3. New KPK manual and KIT will not be sent, unless it is asked for.

  4. Ownership will not be transferred if the KPK owner is found liable towards ANPL

  5. Application for the new KPK owner will be first scrutinized. If found suitable the ownership will be transferred in the new name.

  6. ANPL will charge an amount of Rs250.00 (Rs Two hundred and fifty only) to change the ownership status.
Procedures : 1. Applicant has to send an application in the prescribed format along with the acknowledgment letter in original, sent to the KPK owner at the time of registration.

  2. Applicant has to obtain a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the parties and organizations, the KPK dealt with during the registered period.

  3. ANPL will take a period of 30-45 days for the transfer process after the KPK owner submits all the required documents to ANPL. All the forms and receipt books have to be submitted to ANPL. A new user_id/password will be issued to the transferee.

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