What is agricultural biotechnology ?
Agricultural biotechnology includes the application of microorganisms to control the agricultural pests and diseases, to improve soil fertility; moreover the genetic engineering of agricultural plants, animals and microorganisms. Technologies such as biofertilizers, biopesticides and micropropagation can help farmer to increase their productivity and thus their economic upliftment.
Modern biotechnology has potential to produce designed crops, to match crop quality with sites’ and individual's preferences (plants resistant to pest and diseases, having longer shelf life, nutritionally improved plants etc.).

Why agribiotech products are preferable to agrochemicals ?
Conventional or modern agriculture was based on new seed varieties, agrochemicals, irrigation, mechanization, etc., which is known as the Green Revolution in India. After various decades of increased agricultural productivity, conventional agriculture became socially and environmentally unsustainable. Chemical pesticides and fertilizers has caused soil erosion, contaminated groundwater resources, rivers and resulted in appearance of pesticide residues in food crops. Thus impoverished soils require years of work to restore their quality and vitality.
Agribiotech products biofertilizers, biopesticides, genetically modified seeds can increase crop yields without causing environmental pollution and health problems. Biofertilizers improve soil fertility by enriching the soil with beneficial microorganisms. Soil borne pathogens can be suppressed by biofungicides. Other pests of crops can be controlled by bioinsecticides. Once these biocontrol agents establish themselves in the fields repeated application is not necessary.

What is sustainable agriculture ?
Sustainable agriculture considers the farm as a system working in harmony with the environment while continuing to be highly productive. It treats the farm as an integrated whole, composed of elements like soil, plants, animals, and insects whose interaction can be adjusted and enriched to solve problems and maximize yields.

Goals of sustainable agriculture
  • Quality products
  • Profit for farmers
  • Minimal environmental pollution
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