Agriculture plays a pivotal role in indian economy which contributes about 30% GDP and employs 67% of the country's manpower.It is gratifying that present food grain production has crossed the level of 200 million tons,and our granaries are overflowing. But, India has to feed burgeoning population which has already crossed one billion during the year 2000 and is expected to rise upto 130 crore by the year 2020 and for this population, food production has to scale up to 280 million tons by that time, that too, from plummeting arable land of 0.15 ho. in year 2000 to 0.09ha./capita by year 2050.


The challenge was to meet this food grain requirement without disturbing our ecological balance. IPM is one of the important components in maintaining the ecological balance. The NATP MM sub- project on Validation and Promotion of IPM Technology in selected crops/ in different agro ecological regions was started by National Centre for Integrated Pest Management in the year 2000, under the aegis of Dr. Amerika Singh, Director, NCIPM.The objective of this programme is to create visible impact of the eco-friendly IPM technology on crop productivity and environment through large scale validation, promotion and disse- mination of the IPM practices with the help of ICAR, SAU's, DAC, KVK's, NGO's, Industries and Farmers.As Industry partner, Dhanuka Group is proud to be associated with this National IPM Project being run under the aegis of NCIPM, New Delhi and thank them for giving this opportunity to us.


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