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Objectives of the Initiative _ Larger objectives remaining same that initiative is for Increase in productivity, cost reduction and better realization on sale proceeds for the farmers, inherent objective is to create a model in each zone of 100 village cluster so that the same can be replicated once it is showcased and people at large see the benefits of this initiative for farmers, generating entrepreneurs at different levels and for socio economic development for all the stakeholders.

Coverage _ 100 Villages, 20 KPK’s, 2000 to 4000 farmers, 20000 to 40,000 acres of land, 4CBC’s for Output, 20 ancillaries for Input at district level and 100 village representatives. CBC is the commodity Business center to carry out the procurement activity of output of farmers and ancillaries to do the input management of seeds, chemicals, fertilizers, biotech products and services.

Value Propositions in a phased manner _ First Agri-education to generate needs through awareness and then to service in a phased fashion.

Agri-Education _ Two types of programs _ One day program and Three days program.

One day Program _ To meet the following objectives

  • Computer awareness
  • Internet training and awareness
  • General framework of our program
  • Importance of data collection and data management
  • Importance of Back-end Management
  • Importance of proper office Management
  • Importance of cultural traits

Three Days Program _ To meet the following objectives on crop specific program

  • First day _ How to increase productivity
  • Second day _ How to reduce cost
  • Third day _ Importance and knowledge of quality is essential to get best realization on sale proceeds through proper marketing.

These educational programs are require to be conducted at village level and in the clusters of 25 to 50 farmers at a time. Thus faculty (or trained KPK) will go to village and remain there for three days. Village Sarpanch to organize place for providing education and other arrangements. Collection of farmer data will take place during the three day program and in parallel the importance of this data is to be made understood. (There is no purpose of collecting the data of the farmer as an independent activity). Also, various problems of farmers are to be gathered and converted into VED and ABC Analysis. Past data of production, cost, profitability, productivity is to be collected of individual farmers and variance amongst them is to be analysed. Need of continuous (but slow) improvements is to be established through these educational programs. Evaluation of knowledge and learning of each farmer is to be captured and relevant feedback is to be given to him after the educational program.

Village Representatives (VR) _ No educational program is successful unless continuity is not maintained and for this purpose VR to conduct field survey and establish relationship with the farmers after the educational program. VR to send daily report in terms of what he has done at various farming sites. Continuous interaction of VR with the farmers on daily basis is a must. VR must as much as possible capture various activities taking place in the farms and report on various inputs used and activities/problems faced at the farms. He can also give a book of “Daily Record” to the farmer so that farmer can himself captures all the activities and progress in the field. Also he mentions about the problems and corrective action taken. All farming data should be there in the record book of farmer e.g. preparation of field, watering of field, seed sowing/plant sowing, soil test reports, seed treatment record etc etc.

Services Management _ Once the awareness is given through educational programs, need for following will emerge:

  • Soil testing
  • Seed Treatment
  • Water Testing
  • Seed and root activation
  • Weather Crop Insurance

In order to provide these services, entrepreneurs are to be developed who will become champions of these services with proper revenue model.

Infrastructure at KPK _ Following infrastructure is essential:

  • Internet connected computer where farmers can come and get trained
  • All the knowledge platforms of ANPl to be used extensively
  • All data capturing be done through this computer on regular basis
  • Training room or chaupal where discussions can take place and training can be imparted.

Once above is in place and these operations are carried out then slowly input and output management will be integrated as per ANPL’s business model.

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