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Krishi Pragati Kendra(KPK)
Belief and Conviction
Need of KPK
Basics of KPK
Specification of KPK
Revenue Model
100 Village Cluster Models
Activities for Success
About KPK Module
Implemantation Steps
Other Aspect
Photo's of 1st KPK
Detailed Note on Objectives
Director's Note
Registered KPKs
Register Network

KPK module is the front office of any KPK and enables the owner to be with his entire network all the time and keeps adding others to his network all by himself very dynamically. Accordingly through this module, he is in network with:

  • Registered farmers of his territory
  • Registered vendors/suppliers/service providers to the KPK
  • Registered Customers to the KPK
  • Registered consultants to KPK
  • ANPL

  • With being in network he is enabled to do following with any of above:

  • Communicate very appropriately
  • Transact very appropriately
  • Search database in any way
  • Generate output reports
  • Publicise the KPK to the world very effectively and bring more and more services to KPK
  • Maintain accounts and inventories very efficiently

  • Further, when any KPK will get opened in any part of the country the information of it will go to all registered vendors, service providers and customers of ANPL. These parties than will have an option to become the registered party to the new KPK. Also, on registering of any new organisation, information about all the KPK’s would be accessible for them to choose where they can provide the services to KPK’s.
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