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Krishi Pragati Kendra(KPK)
Belief and Conviction
Need of KPK
Basics of KPK
Specification of KPK
Revenue Model
100 Village Cluster Models
Activities for Success
About KPK Module
Implemantation Steps
Other Aspect
Photo's of 1st KPK
Detailed Note on Objectives
Director's Note
Registered KPKs
Register Network
Steps of Implementing

Steps of Implementing 100 Village Cluster Model of 5 KPK
  • Identification of 20 KPK Owners
  • Meeting of these owners with MD for one day at a one day conference.
  • They go back to establish their KPK and send photographs of the center along with KPK Registration form.
  • KPK registration from HO
  • Internet connectivity at KPK
  • KPK Owner to work on computer and get trained. Start correspondence with HO through email.
  • KPK Owner to enhance his knowledge on various crops, productivity, costs and profitability.
  • Start collecting database of farmers in each village through free registration of farmers.
  • Start appointing village representatives and start discussions with Sarpanch etc to start educational programs in each village for farmers.
  • KPK Owner to start understanding delivery mechanism of various services.
  • Start of business with education, each KPK to service 500 farmers (100 farmers per village), Target profit on an average basis is Rs 100 per farmer per year with revenues being 250/- per farmer per year and expenses as 150/- per farmer per year.
  • Start of second stream of business i.e. services where target would be Rs. 100 per acre per year and service area of KPK will be minimum 2000 acres per KPK i.e. 400 acres per village.
  • Start analyzing the data’s of farmers and start making Input business plan.
  • Start discussions with Input companies and distributors and start establishing ancillaries..
  • Start analyzing the data for output and make one business plan.
  • On the basis of business plan, start planning for CBC
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