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Objective is to aggregate farmers in a network on IT platform and thus capture his digital identity. This will mean the related information about the farmer, his crop, inputs to the crop, and other data needs to be gathered and put into a database of KPK. For this registration of the farmer is to take place at agroecommerce.com. This registration can be directly done at KPK level if the internet connection is available there or otherwise farmer will be required to fill the registration forms and all the forms can be send to ANPL by post. ANPL will activate their account and due acknowledgement of the same will be sent to the KPK. On the basis of this data, various organizations will be approached for the backward (for inputs) and forward (for outputs) integration.
Accordingly, focus needs to be on this activity of aggregation of farmers on IT backbone since this will eventually give the fruits of integration and networking. In general, with the starting of KPK, forms are required to be filled at the village level through the coordinators. For this, farmers will have to pay registration/membership annual charge of Rs.250/- for which due receipt be given to him by the KPK on behalf of ANPL.

ANPL will provide the soft infrastructure for the running of the KPK and through the training sessions, farmers will get the knowledge of computers and moreover the effective usage of the internet for their basic needs in the agriculture. ANPL has an objective to make every farmer computer user and to provide them such a platforms and information, which opens the path of prosperity and happiness. And to link each and every farmer in a network of web so that it can communicate to the outside world just with a click of mouse.
Providing inputs of better quality at less cost and getting more realization on outputs is the main agenda of ANPL. Though certain integrations will be at national level like for fertilizers, there would be other integrations at local level also.
Accordingly, while ANPL will focus on all national and state level tie-ups, KPK would require to get local organizations registered using its circle of influence. In the span of one year, we are require to integrate all items what KPK members would like at KPK.

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