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Need of KPK (Krishi Pragati Kendra)

The necessity of rural development has been a concern at both governmental and nongovernmental levels in the country and while there is a sense of accomplishment in some segments/sectors, the situation is far from the desired state. Rural segment is somehow made to feel that their own development is somebody else’s responsibility and not their own, by which they always look forward towards government or NGO’s or God (if nobody else) for upliftment of their social and economic status. It is to be understood that rural segment is still not sick that it cannot stand on its own feet but it is currently a sleeping horse, which needs to be told what strength he possesses and utilization of the same will make him reach where he wants.
Accordingly, ANPL puts emphasis on their own empowerment for the overall rural development. Idea is not to do charity but to provide professional services with socioeconomic objectives in mind. Just as teachings are not free, similarly enabling somebody for self-development is not free. Rather the objective is to enable them in such a way that part of their increased earnings can be deployed into development also.
KPK is the facilitation centre for such possibilities of increased earnings for rural segments.

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