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Welcome Note to the Owner of KPK from MD, ANPL

Dear Owner of KPK,

We take pride in congratulating you in taking a decision to open a KPK in the village territory chosen by you. We take this opportunity to welcome you in this network where the entire focus is to enable the farmer of this country. In this network, KPK is the physical infrastructure created at the grass root level to help this enablement. Thus you being the owner of KPK, have got a major responsibility to see that benefits of such enablement actually gets passed on to the farmer.

KPK at the village level has many roles to play. It is a village office, also it is a distribution center of products being consumed by farmers, also it is a knowledge dissemination center and not the least it is a co-ordination point of our organization at the village level. While, these roles will emerge with time, we expect that in the first six months of it's start-up, the KPK is fully functional and is able to meet is obligations towards the member of KPK’s.

Like teachings are not free, similarly enablement is also not free. However idea is not to strip the farmer on account of this but to make him member of KPK and agroecommerce.com with a nominal annual subscription of Rs. 250/-. With this membership, he is enabled with his shop on the Internet whereby what he buys and what he sells is known to the world and accordingly sellers and buyers can approach him for necessary transactions. While a farmer is not able to use computers on his own in the very first go, he needs to be helped by the KPK owner so that slowly he is able to capture the technology. Further, a farmer is empowered to share his problems and get solutions of the same through the specialists of agriculture.

Thus, you are not only an owner but also a manager, trainer, distributor and an agent through which farmer are going to get all benefits of KPK. Accordingly, while you will start with all the roles with yourself, slowly a team is to be developed at KPK where people will assume various responsibilities. However, it is our recommendation that in case you are not equipped to handle all the work yourself, you should at least hire one agrigraduate to shoulder your responsibilities.

Further, you need to be very focused in capturing the territory you have decided to capture. In our model, we have defined a territory as a cluster of 100 villages and each KPK will service farmers of five villages and thus in a territory 20 KPK’s gets opened. You must realize that your company cannot provide services unless all the KPK’s in a territory work as a team and are functional with complete harmony. And thus we set up a management structure for KPK’s which starts minimum at District Level. Sustainability of each KPK is an essential component of our business model and so is sustainability of all other network partners. Accordingly we follow a revenue share model and you are requested to go through the revenue model very thoroughly.

Finally KPK is your own center and all investments in the center are your own and the assets will remain your property for all the time to come. Company now or in future will not have any claim on the assets of the KPK. Please bear in mind that no revenue comes without investment and thus you must go through the specifications of KPK very thoroughly.

I once again wish you a very successful journey with our company and you are extended part of our family.

Yours sincerely,
For Agroecommerce Network Pvt. Ltd.

Ajai Kumar Agarwal
(Managing Director)
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